“We Went From One Client That Took Up Most Of Our Time… To Ten”

Welcome to the 90 Day Pipeline, a Strategic B2B Marketing and Development Program For Consultants and Service Providers.
  • Sick of hacks & tactics that act like “bandaids” but don’t really solve the problem?
  • Fed up with “feast or famine” cycles flooding you with business one month, and leaving the pipeline empty the next?
  • Tired of harassing your network for leads?
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How The 90 Day Pipeline can help:

The program is based on a 6-step method used by the top 1% of consultants to attract, convert, and retain clients who pay premium fees




Many consultants target a market that's too broad, or otherwise not a right fit for their offer.
Here's how we address the issue:

Everything follows from this. 

There's a pronounced difference between knowing “in general” which market you serve… and knowing the specific, very narrow vertical that you will lead. Get this wrong, and all the rest of your marketing efforts will feel frustrating and ineffective.

The three core components of Client Clarity are: 
  • Industry/vertical/focus
  • Buyer persona
  • Problem/pain




Constantly chasing? Power Positioning makes clients come to you.  

Power positioning uses the laws of supply and demand to determine pricing. It “flips the script” so instead of going out and hustling for clients, they come to you. A few adjustments can differentiate you from your competitors, position you as the premium choice, and overcome objections before they arise.

The three core components of power positioning are:
  • Outcome you get for clients
  • Reason why they should work for you
  • POV that sets you apart from everyone else




Clients don't buy your expertise. They buy your process.

A results mechanism is the process by which you achieve a certain outcome. 

This is very different from selling by the hour or adding more and more deliverables. By selling outcomes, you aren't participating in a race to the bottom and you don't have to compete on price. Most consultants don't have this, and so they continue to struggle.... but simply communicating the mechanism by which you can deliver results instantly sets you apart from everyone else in your space.

The three components to a results mechanism are:
  • Outputs (outcomes/results)
  • Incomparable competition
  • Bridge of belief




"Profit Packaging" is just the process of making expensive deals easy to say "YES!" to.

We follow a process to package our mechanism into projects and engagements and deliverables that MAXIMIZE our profit, while also giving prospects an easy way to get started.

The three components of profit packaging are:
  • Front end offer
  • Core offer
  • Maintenance offer 




Clients don't like "marketers..." but they love "leaders." With the right leadership marketing, the process becomes less about tactics and more about helping your market. 

Do this right, and your reputation will precede you. You don't deal with questions about pricing and inputs and credibility. They already know who you are. Now they just need to know how you can help, and what that looks like.

The three components of leadership marketing are:
  • Visibility to 1-3% of your market
  • Proof of your positioning
  • Conversion driven asset




AKA converting interest into a closed deal... without seeming salesy or spammy

Most of the sales training, ideas and concepts out there are designed for professional salespeople who work on commission because it's their job to sell. The way experts sell is MUCH different.

The three components of expert selling are:
  • Perfect Discovery  
  • Irresistible Offer
  • Effortless Close

Put It All Together and Become a Market Leader In the Next 90 Days

Say goodbye to hustling through your network begging for work.
Simply by using these steps to attract clients to you, within 3 months you could be…

Getting more, better clients

Raising your prices

Reaching decision makers

Managing a full pipeline

Don’t believe us?

Hear it from consultants like you who’ve been through the program

We work with a small number of consultants each month to implement the 90 Day Pipeline systems. If you're interested, we'll call you. Just pick a date and time that works for you below:
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