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I closed $300k in 60 days all 
from inbound leads who came to me!

I went from having maybe 4-6 discovery calls per month to 25-30 a month

I had some initial skepticism, now we’re a month in and have generated over $50k with $25k still in the pipeline!


I generated $130k in new business in my first 60 days

90DP has elevated my business - we’ve closed more than $80k in new deals in the last month
We restructured our offer and beat our pre-COVID numbers… this is not like the marketing gurus out there


Thanks to the program we’re having a record month in a time when businesses around us are shutting down
90DP help me productize my offer, now I have people buying the highest level of my offer now! 

I went from 1 - 2 conversations to having a lead flow I can’t keep up with!

We went from 1 big client to 10 clients who consistently write 5-figure checks.
I've tripled my revenue and I have 5 times as many clients as I had before.
We took a brand new offer from ZERO to $50k/month in 90 days.
We had completely dried up but now our pipeline has never been fuller!
I can now sell with confidence, and just landed a major public company.
This program has helped us land several large corporate
This is a valuable program for anyone looking to grow their consulting business - we’ve built a healthy marketing engine!
This program gave me a practical understanding of how sales & marketing works in 2021!

My business was new and I was floundering. Now my calendar is so full I'm panicking!
I've been developed by the top business minds. I know what greatness looks like. This is it.
Now I have a specialized and differentiated service that my competition cannot match.
Thanks to the program we're booked out for several weeks now!
My visibility on LinkedIn has skyrocketed in less than 
a month!
To have these results this quick is mind-blowing. I closed 2 deals this morning.
I’m landing contracts at price points I had never been able to charge!
I know how to do the job, I didn’t know how to market myself. Through the program I know how to do everything!
My viewership has gone up 4x and prospects are reaching out to me with contracts!

The process has TRIPLED my revenue projections, and shown me what's possible!

I became a thought leader in two months in my space
This program has forced me to more clearly define who I am as an organization
This helped me develop my offering - the market response has been immediate.
I closed an $8k deal within my first few weeks.
We accomplished in 90 days what would've taken me 10 to 15 years to do on my own.
This put me on the fast track to getting the results I want.
I booked more calls in 3 weeks than I did in 3 years!

This program gave me a process to generate new business that actually works.
I used to run after prospects, now they’re chasing me and booking time in my calendar!
The system works too well, 
I have more leads than I can handle!

I used to offer a transactional service. Now my offering delivers more value & commands higher fees.
90DP helped us build a pipeline of clients that we are excited about. 

We've repositioned the business, and we've raised our fees by 500%!
My marketing is clear and I'm showing up as the trusted adviser my clients need.
This is the first time I've seen a marketing process that makes sense
I got more value here than the 10+ coaches I've worked with in the past combined!
I got a step by step playback to scale my business and become a thought leader.
This helped me create a strategic plan and operationalize it to get leads
I used to be an order taker. Now I show up as the trusted advisor my clients need.
For those who want to do something outside the norm, and to cut through the noise!
There’s a lot of tools out there, this bundles what works into an effective process
We had not conceptualized a marketing funnel until we got into this program
My lead flow is 2x what I expected, and we’re set to have a record year!
We were staying viable, but we were not thriving until the 90 Day Pipeline Program
This is a great investment for anyone looking to put a system in place to grow their business
The 90 Day Pipeline has given me the mechanism to build a consistent and stable pipeline
I've refined my services into offerings that instantly resonate with prospects
The program has given me the pieces to build a stable pipeline and provide more value to my clients - that’s priceless!
The insight you get around market positioning is
The material is top notch, and gave me a more solid structure to build a consistent pipeline
We came in needing more leads, and through one campaign alone we’ve generated over £100,000.

  I’ve rapidly grown my network, and people are lining up to book calls with me
We completely turned around our sales & marketing efforts
The program gives consultants the ABCs of Marketing - you won’t regret signing up!
If you haven’t had results from the things you’ve done before, you need to try this - the effort you put in leads to results
The program helped me clarify my offer and market in a way that now customers are coming to me!
The support you get in the program, and the ramp up speed is unlike anything I’ve. Our business has completely changed.
We went from inconsistently getting work from my network, to the whole team being able to generate opportunities confidently
Our pipeline had dried up. Now we have a clear approach to get the clients we want.

90DP is the only program that gives you a clear path, it’s an investment that pays dividends.
We had not conceptualized a marketing funnel until we got into this program
The 90 Day Pipeline has given me the mechanism to build a consistent and stable pipeline
If I had discovered the 90DP before I became a consultant, I would be a million miles ahead of the game
If you do what the program says, you will fill up your funnel. We did in 90 days!
I wasn’t getting any engagement before, and now I’m getting discovered by leaders who want to talk to me!
All of our business was through word of mouth and I was too bogged to work on lead generation, and thanks to the program we have a busier pipeline, warm lead and we’re landing dream clients!
We started getting clients within 90 days and had to pull back because we didn’t have the capacity to take on so many clients!
I’m getting noticed by big companies, and I have offers on the table!

I don’t want more people to know about this, it works too well - I’m doing the activities, leads are reaching out and closing!
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